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Toolbar Favorites

Mac OS X
Microsoft MacTopia
Movie Trailers


Sites I've worked on...

tiltShift.com (my new personal site)
patteson.net - Patteson Genealogy
GearUp.com | Tax Seminars for Accounting Professionals
powermedia.com - Power Media, Inc. - Palm, Mac and Newton software
inFlux | U-of-O Student 'Zine (1998 issue)
BigCoatPosse.com - Cyber-ground zero for the BCP
AntiSolution.com - Debunking the eSlang of ...

Friends' Web Sites

Joel/Morgan: PRISE d e s i g n GROUP
Mojo-Jojo.org - of the Power Puff Girls
www.a-v-e-n-u-e.com (Morgan's great art gallery)
geocaching.exocet.ca - Team Exocet Geocaching Site

Patteson family history

patteson.net - My Patteson genealogy site
Ancestors of Brian P. Bivona - 135 Pattesons listed

Genealogy software

Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Software: Index

E-zines / news / forums

Slashdot.org: News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters.
kuro5hin.org || technology and culture, from ...
Pause Button Headquarters (urban youth)
The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposes and Politics
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
Salon Magazine
Welcome to Zaius
Infiltration: the zine about going places you'r…
Webzine 2000 » July 22nd in San Francisco
Smokedot || Drug Info, Rights, Laws, and Disc...

Computer Hardware/Software

Hardware reviews and tips

Anand's Hardware Tech Page
Hardware Reviews Source for the Web
Tom's Hardware Guide
storagereview.com Compare all Storage
DisplayMate monitor test patterns (PC)
PC Magazine Online

Hardware sales and configurations

**Cybertech: hardware buying advice
**PriceSCAN: Your Unbiased Guide to the Lowest Pr…
*pricewatch.com: "Street Prices" for computer stuff
Pacific Soutions Custom System Quote
Fry's Electronics - Outpost.com

Quiet Computer

Mibrostorm Elektronica, the way to a silent com…
PC Power & Cooling, Inc.
The Silent Personal Computer
The Silent PC
Tom's Hardware Guide: CPU Guide - Can't Touch...
Tom's Hardware Guide: CPU Guide - Lord Kryo P...
Slashdot | Shhh! Constructing A Truly Quiet G...
VIA C3™ Processor (can run fanless!)
Quietpc.com for a Quiet PC - Silence the noise!
Silence is Golden
Tweak3D.Net - Build a quiet and powerful PC

Networking hard/software

SonicWall SOHO Internet Security Appliance
The MacPerl Pages
Go to Practically Networked's home page!
Linksys Etherfast Cable / DSL Router
Linksys BEFSR41 router
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security A...
Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
Cable/DSL Router Setup Wizard
3Com DSL Modems Home Page
ZDNet: Enterprise: Linux firewall on a 486: A...
-(Solar Host)-
dslreports.com - the place for DSL, ADSL


Best Linux and Unix Sites @ InfoTreks
Linux Life

Flash card readers

External PC Card Reader for Transfering Images …
Digital Camera Accessories: Card Readers
EPC Online-PC Card Readers and Writers
SSFDC "SmartMedia" FORUM
Welcome to the Digital Camera Resource Page

VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Labor…

Networking wireless - 802.11, Airpoort, 2.5GHz, LAN/WAN communities and nodes

WLF - The Wireless Liberation Front
O'Reilly Network: Antenna on the Cheap (er, C...
Use a Surplus Primestar Dish as an IEEE 802.1...
Rooftops - MIT wireless WAN community
SeattleWireless.net: Front Page
Personaltelco.net's list of Wireless Communities
Portland Community LAN Resource Guide
GAWD - Global Access Wireless Database - The Shmoo Group
GAWD - Search for Wireless Access Points
Nova Wireless - community news forum
Hyperlink Tech, Inc. wireless equipment sales
26-mile 802.11b wireless range
FreeNetworks: Front Page
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To - Links
Antennas Enhance WLAN Security
OpenAP - Instant 802.xx wireless

Software Online



NiftyTelnet - Mac Telnet/SSH client
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Lab...
VNC on other platforms

PalmOS - Visor

handheldfriendly web sites

Slashdot.org minimal mode
BJ's Palm Start Page
Welcome to pawgo.com: Your mobile computing res…

PalmStation.Com - "Slashdot for the Palm"
PalmGear.com - Everything Palm
E&B Slipper III (visor case) Review
Welcome to PalmGear H.Q.!
Innogear Inc. - Handspring Visor Springboard mo…
GSMWorld.com - Global Wireless Cell Standard
palmtops.about.com - Palm Internet, web browsers and FAQ
Conklin Systems - Pilot Adventure Pages
AvantGo.com - Webpages on your Handheld
wapforum.org (proposed wireless standard)
FMPalm Databse Development Kit
Novatel Wireless Minstrel S
PalmVNC - remote access and collaboration cli...
Kyocera Wireless Corp. - CDMA phones cell pho...
Palm OS® Emulator
PalmPilot Stuff (palm web server)
PalmPilot Ware - Palm web server

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker, Inc. -  Support
[FAQ] FileMaker Pro - database for Macintosh an…
Conversion/Databases for Mac Eudora
Form Processor
Hank Zimmerman's [Unofficial] Eudora for Macint…
FileVille ... The FileMaker Pro User Group on t…
Home } FileMaker.Net ------ FileMaker …
Database Pros = FileMaker
afilemakeraffliction ultimate fmpro glossary!
Solution Files for Readers
Welcome to FileMaker Today
Welcome to FM Forums

Stealth mode - security - privacy - Big Brother

Ghost in the Shell
spammimic - hide a message in spam
William Knowles Spook Words
Zone Labs - ZoneAlarm free software firewall
Symantec Security Updates - Norton AntiVirus
McAfee.com - Virus Information Library
DShield. - Distributed Intrusion Detection (Like SpamCop for port spammers)
AntiOnline - Computer Security - Hacking & Ha...

Damn The SPAM

SpamCop.net - File a spam report - actively effective!
Somewhere.com - Spam Information
spam.abuse.net - Fight Spam on the Internet!
cauce.org - The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
fraud.org - National Fraud Information Center
Junkbusters.com - telemarketing, spam, filter out web ads
Wpoison - Spam-bots that steal e-mails will choke on this Perl script
SamSpade.org - anti-spam tools
(J’RAXISŠCOM) K.A.S.A - Kill A Spammer's Account
UXN Spam Combat - tools to find Spam sources
IP Address to Latitude/Longitude
The Spamhaus Project - database of known spammers
Toll free numbers advertised by spam
Spambot Beware!
Slashdot | Exposing Spammers For All They're Worth
Spam Laws
More fun with spammers (send 'em an invoice)
Wham, Bam, Thank You Spam - WA resident sues spammers
http://www.wa-state-resident.com/ sues spammers
Spam Suit Settlement

Macintosh Garden (good old Mac games)
IBM DeskStar 75GXP Hard Drive Failures?
AnandTech -- IBM DeskStar 75GXP Hard Drive Failures

Audio hardware and software

Magnepan Magneplanar (flat panel) Speakers

MUG - Magnepan "Maggie" User Group
Buy/Sell Maggies
Planar's versus electrostatics
Magnepan SMGa - Rear View
Planar Speaker Asylum - Magnepan Mid/Bass Pan...
Planar Speaker Asylum - Re: Cheap amplifier f...

MP3s in your car!

Empeg, Ltd's Empeg MP3 Car Audio Player
Mp3 Car.com Webring (good)
MP3.com car MP3 players
MpegBox - Car MP3 Player - Plexiglass Computer

Active Noise Control

Active Noise Control Projects
Active Noise Control FAQ, v.1996

Are You On The Road To... Audio Hell? byLeonard Norwitz and Peter Qvortrup
Audiophiles Need Not Apply
Audiophile OPINIONS and EXPLANATIONS (good read)
AudioWeb - The Audio Equipment Authority
Ribbon and planar magnetic speaker links
Stereophile Recommended Components List
Fabulous Tweeter Brothers - www.speakerpage.com/
Audiophilia Online Magazine
Amateur/DIY Horns and Systems
Fractal Music Software
Slashdot:Surround Sound WAV Editors?
ReBirth 338 - www.propellerheads.se
Codec Central - Info on Multimedia Codecs and T…
Audiogon high end audio auctions, classifieds...
Welcome to AudioShopper!com™ Network
Jeff's Sound Values Used Audio Equipment
Audio Classics - Used McIntosh Krell Sunfire ...
Mirage Loudspeakers -- high-end audio loudspe...
Stereotypes Home Audio -- Portland Home Audio Store
Echo Audio - Preowned home audio in Portland
Cycling'74 - Audio Software
TNT hifi Worldwide
Wendy Carlos Gosurround Surround Sound info
DVD Benchmark
Slashdot | Lunchbox Computers for Live Music ...
The MiniDisc Appreciation Page - MiniDisc DIG...
Cardas Audio Insights - Room Setup

Audio - sources

Audio Search Engines / Archives

Audiofind - Electronic Genre
MP3 Search Engines
Mediafind - Search for Media Files - Enhanced s…
A C I D M A N ' S - M p 3 - W O R L D!
IUMA - Internet Underground Music Archive
|| | www.micromusic.net | ||
Fairtunes - home

streaming - sources

KWVA - U of O Campus Radio
ULB.com - Ultimate Band List, audio, video, webpages, info, etc.
SugarMegs Audio - Dead, Phish, MMW
Groovetech: Seattle electronica
KCR College Radio, San Diego State (24-7 RealAudio)
astralwerks in high fidelity (RA)
broadcast.com : big site with A/V feeds
Tranzfusion - Sounds from the Underground (RA)
northwest us clubs + parties
Radio 100 Amsterdam
Archives of Free Sound Effects , Shareware Soun…
SomaFM: several GREAT electro streams

streaming - Shoutcast Related

SHOUTcast.com (Nullsoft Winamp mp3)
SHOUTcast: sorted by genre=ambient, by bitrate
FABCA - Free Access Broadcasters Association

PDFs - creation

Planet PDF - PDF & Acrobat info, news, links an…
Planet PDF - PDF & Acrobat info, news, links an…

web design

"cu-ching!" (capitalism)

Bottom Dollar: Find stuff cheap and fast!
Affiliate Programs & Other Web Master Resources
Resources for webmasters: ad revenue
Amazon.com Associates Program

banner ad software (5.0 score is best)

4.2 - WebScripts: WebAdverts
3.9 -NYISP BannerAd 2.0 Software
3.2 - Open The Crypt / Joe's Free CGI Scripts From Th…

Handheld Device HTML

W3.org (4-97), Handheld Device Markup Language FAQ
Optimizing Web pages for handheld devices
Webmonkey: design: Designing Web Sites for PDAs

CGI & Javascript code sources

ScriptSearch The Worlds Largest CGI Library
Matt's Script Arcive - The CGI Resource Index
BigNoseBird.Com- Web Authoring Stuff
The WDVL: Security Issues When Installing and C…
WebBBS - WebScripts
f r e e c g i . o r g (pulls many headlines from other sites)
Coolnerds JavaScript Examples


Databases on the Web
ASP Newbies Start Here: Active Server Pages - The ASP Toolbox Home Page…
ASP 101 - A Database Interfacing Primer
PHP3 and mSQL2 tutorial
CFM Cold fustion FAQ

search engine ranking

Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search…
Magellan Search Voyeur - see others' searches
Metaspy EXPOSED - see others' searches

server stuff

The Elsop Unix Reference Center
WebSTAR Server (Macintosh)
Jukebox (Apache-Perl-MySQL mp3 jukebox)
Using mod_rewrite
Apache URL Rewriting Guide

Free DNS hosting

Seagull Networks - Domain Name Services
The Public DNS Service
Free Registration for .com .net and .org by …
DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD)

The Apache Software Foundation

online utilities

Online Menu Builder (parent-child w javaScript)

search engine submission

Tips on getting listed in Yahoo and other big i…
Back to Basics: META Tag Resources / WebDevelop…
Webmaster Station - free web tools, services an…

News Harvester - Free Headlines for YOUR Sites
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference -The Willcam Group
Welcome to the OZONE! Interface extrodinare
Glassdog Design-O-Rama!
WebReference.com (sm) - The Webmaster's Referen…
onlinebusiness.com: Money Makers
How Now: Online Graphic Design Resource
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by Example
How to write HTML forms
f r e e s o u r c e s - The Ultimate Source of …
Cookie Central
TRUSTe: Building a Web You Can Believe In
The Web Robots Pages
JavaScript Rollovers: Introduction - Doc JavaSc…
AskTog: How to Publish a Great User Manual
Meaningful ALT texts in IMG
irt.org - Internet Relate Technologies
Free Webmaster Tools and Resources: Content
Top "Twenty" Tips for Mac Webmasters: Server Se…
Coolnerds JavaScript Examples
AppleScript Central (.com)

Web-based email sites

RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail
NET@DDRESS - Free E-Mail For Everybody!
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email
tripod - log in
eMailman: Web-based e-mail clients
Welcome to Eudora Web-Mail!
MailandNews.com Free E-Mail
Welcome to Yahoo! Mail
Free Email Service Providers


UO Career Center Home Page
studyabroad.com Study Abroad Programs Directory
JobSmart--Profession-Specific Salary Surveys
Employment in Portland, Oregon

Searchable Databases

Design Jobs Found in Portland - portfolio.skill.com
careermosaic.com: HUGE Database of Jobs
Net-Temps A Job Posting Service
E-Span: The Right Job For The Right Person
JOBS j o b s Jobs: Search
Monster.com Job Search
America's Job Bank
Oregon Multimedia Alliance (OMA) Job Bank

Good companies

100 Best Oregon Companies
D/X Photography
Synaptix - This Way


Volt Services Group (Kate's friend's agency)
Creative Assets
Oregon Staffing Main Web Page
MANPOWER: Beaverton, Oregon


Yahoo Image Surfer: Category List
video art - beatthief: woody vasulka
The Nine Planets
AltaVista Photo Finder
Fluxus Portal
iCE.org ANSII art
The photo.net Web service
factory512.com (featured in Adobe Magazine)
Comic Book Resources - Comic Book News, Revie...
Fury.com: AOLiza
Constructor (very cool)
OnScreen Art Project


Fractal Links on Paul N. Lee's website
Spanky's Fractal Database
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page (fractals)
Paul Carlson's Mind-Boggling Fractals


Measurement Converter
Physics 162: Alternative Energy; Spring 1998
Astronomy 122 Winter 1998
solarbotics.com - Your BEAM Robotics Resource


Photo District News - PDN Online
Hylas Search Engine for Digital Photography
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
EOS Documentation Project- EDP Home
Digital Camera News and Reviews: Digital Phot...
Welcome to Silicon Film - digital cartrige for film cameras
The Imaging Resource Digital Imaging Search
Imaging Resource "Comparometer" (tm) for Digital Cameras

Photographic Panoramas (QTVR, etc.)

3D R-B Glasses QTVRs

Red/Blue 3D: StereoPano.html
Bowl Lens Stereo QTVR

QTVR products/accessories

Welcome to Kaidan : Camera Mount
Panorama Tools
Sanity SaVR: QTVR hotspots made easy

QTVR Audio

SQUAMISH Media Group HOME Page

QTVR Companies [(OR)=Oregon]

(OR) Virtual World Tours Interactive Panographics
(OR) Immersive Media, Roundabout Immersive Video
(OR) 2x10 VR array! Infinite Pictures Home Page
Virtual Properties

West Coast Trail

Virtual Reality Panoramas of Vancouver Island
by G. Donald Bain dbain@socrates.berkeley.edu
West Coast Trail Website

OutsideTheLines: Welcome To Concepts In Motion
OutsideTheLines: QTVR Tips & Techniques
IQTVRA International Quick Time VR Association
Making QTVR Panoramas
Welcome to a Global VR Shoot - "A Wrinkle in Time"
Spherecam and QTVR info
Little QuickTime Page links
**QuickTime VR Central
www.qtvr.com welcome
Mindcraft's QuickTime Problem Analysis and Fix
VR Toolbox, Inc., Industrial Strength Tools for…
panoguide.com - the guide to panoramas and pa...
Panorama Tools (mirror)
PTGui - a GUI front end for Panorama Tools
Columbia Automated Vision Environment's web page
rundumadum - panoramen - Test - PTZoom
Main spherecam page

online toys/games

Mobiles Disco
A Four Dimensional Maze
online game: intergalactics

Online Movies

IFILM The Place for Internet Film
P U N C H B A B Y . C O M - Where downloads a...
Some fast car movies
Apple - QuickTime - Movie Trailers


Big MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
TopoZone - Online Topo Maps
Yahoo! Regional:Countries:Canada:Recreation and Sports:Travel:Train Travel
viarail.ca - ViaRail Canada
Green Tortoise Adventure Travel
Census TMS Home Page - Maps
Microsoft TerraServer Image Page
Microsoft TerraServer Image Page


Around the World in 80 Clicks
Livingroom Cam
KPIG Radio - Hamcam (with RealAudio too)
ICorp on Bourbon Street - LIVE Carnival Cam!
Welcome to the Ultimate Camera Page
World Random Webcam Viewer
A Webcam Resource - Over one thousand Webcam Re…
TripCheck - Road Cam Images
TripCheck Road Conditions - Portland Incident...


Evil People, INC.(tm)
Obey J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
C.H.U.N.K. 666 - Cyclists and bikes with attitude (in Portland)

Car - Subaru


ADR Wheels
Golden Apple: ADR DESIGN
Golden Apple: M-CLASSIC
BBS Wheels
Subaru Performance Parts
Subaru Impreza Wheel Chart
Discount Tire Co. - Wheels
AAA Rims: Buy OEM, (Subaru GT for 190!)
Acker Wheel - Factory Alloy and Stock Wheels

Subaru Performance
SPD Tuning Service
Subaru Impreza Outback Sport owner's page
Subaru Adventures
Primitive Enterprises Home: Subaru Mods
Dave's Legacy Central
The Unofficial Subaru Off-Road Web Page
Welcome to www.subaru.net
SHN Project Subaru: Links and Resources
Yahoo! Clubs thesubaruclub
The Ultimate Subaru Message Board! @ www.ezbo...
COBB Tuning : North America's Premier Subaru ...
Yahoo! Clubs subarulegacyclub
Subaru Legacy archives 1995 up: specification...
Superpages.com - Used Cars: Subaru Legacy
Subaru Performance Parts
Paul's Website - Subaru Legacy and Mazda RX-7
Welcome to i-Club (Subaru community site)
Altasports.net - Subaru performance tuning, Beaverton, OR

Car - Auto Rally

Oregon Rally Group
Cascade Sports Car Club World Wide Web Site
The Road Not Taken Home Page
555 Page

UNIMOG (truck) - UNIversal-MOtorGerät (universal-power-unit)

Unimog Exchange™
Unimog Links
Unimogs West Sales
The Unimog 411 Page - Index English
Unimog 404 FAQ: An Incomplete Guide
Unimog Models
UNIMOG - A German Legend
Unimog Bulletin Board from JT Outfitters
Unimog Wherehaus (very nice info)
Portland Streetcar
UNIMOG Forever
Rocky Mountain Moggers - Unimog Links
Unimog Association of the Americas - UAA
Unimogs (Böhringer)  (Oldi-Traktorenclub e. V...
Eurotech Services International (Oregon), UNIMOG
Tim's Mog Page (Auburn, Washington)
T-Lo's Ultimate Offroad - Unimog and Pinzgaue (Arizona)
Unimogs (411) on the Rubincon Trail, California
Simcas (French-made Unimog-type truck)
RockThis Off-Road! - portal axle
RIVERCAPE RACERS - portal axle in use
JC's Irish Unimog Home Page
Unimog Mail Lists Archives Search
411 and 421 with add-on tires/engines


Welcome to VolunteerMatch
CharityFocus: Helping Others Help Others
Computer Corps USA
Vaya.org: The Nonprofit Helping Nonprofits --...
CompuMentor Home
FREEGEEK.org - recycled computers and knowledge


Institute for Applied Autonomy
VHEMT (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement)
U.S. National Debt Clock
rtMark.com - (®TMark) - Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century
Sticker Guy!
Electronic Frontier Foundation - eff.org - freedom of digital thought
Bark | www.bark-out.org
SpeakOut.com - Politics
Independent Media Center

Enviro Housing

Home Power magazine: Home Page
SolarOR.org - Solar Energy Association of Oregon
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) H...
The Rebuilding Center - construction thrift store
"WELCOME TO SOLARDEPOT.COM Your complete sola...
Million Solar Roofs: Current State and Local ...
Oregon Office of Energy Home Page
Pine Associates Ltd. - solar power
CREST - Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology

Geocaching - The GPS is for sport!

Geocaching - The Official GPS Cache Hunt Site
geocaching.exocet.ca - My cache hunts
Buxley's Geocache Maps - Portland Area Caches
Geomagnetic Field Synthesis Program Input Form (determin your mag. declination)

Personal Geocaching Pages

Navicache.com (Rochester, NY)
Geocaching with IRON CHEF IRISH! (Aptos, CA)
Florian - www.stargazer.org/geocaching/ (Palm Springs, CA)
Ward Cunningham (Portland, OR)
Derek & Rhonda Nelson (OR/WA)
cache ninja's home on the world wide web (MD)
Curiousmedia.com - The Prospector Family (OR)

General reference

AltaVista: Bablefish Language Translations
Dictionary/Thesaurus: Merriam-Webster Online
The Webtender - Drink and bartending guide
The Rap Dictionary

unsorted (older misc. links because I'm a slacker)

Domain Name Handbook - Table of Contents
Domain name registries around the world
Photo Gallery (nice JavaScript)
Domain Direct Name Registration Services - .com…
C2Net Product Support
BBEdit Grep Tutorial
T H E S N I T C H : Hotline Search Engine
The Hornet Archive (PC demo collection)
Cye-SR Personal Robot
Country of Chad network infrastructure
MacWindows - share, cooperate.
I-opener and Linux
Fluidiom: labyrinth/eddie.timetraveler
ZDNet: Desktop Systems Guide
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
Liszt's IRC Chat Directory
Oregon Live Real Estate
Real Estate - Portland, Oregon Net Links
Cyber Cart Shopping Cart Software for the Web
MiniVend -- Powerful and Free
TidBITS Electronic Publishing
Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera Image …
Radio Control Car Action is the world's leading…
Radio Controlled Vehicles - Home Page
CD Media World
VideoCD Format - Help News!
Media Sciences; Computer Media Quality
Search - O n l i n e E x p e r i e n c e s
Nat'l. Earthquake Info Center: Oregon
PJRC's High Capacity MP3 Player
Extending WebSTAR with AppleScript
About Drumguru George Lawrence
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Infor...
AdCritic.com: Commercials - All Ads, All The ...
qVIX / CU30 Video Conferencing for Linux


Everything below here is newer and/or unsorted. The ones at the bottom are my most recent info cravings:

Pine Forge Press Home Page
stats.distributed.net - RC5-64 Overall Project …
eMailman.com - Everything for Email
MERP: Macintosh E-Mail Resource Page
Anandtech.com [ Review Index: October '98 Video…
PNSN Webicorder Displays - NW Earthquake News
[::] urban forest [::] at arielmeadow.com
Domain Atlas - Chad (.td) - XemiComputers Ltd.
Texture Library
Right Now
Android World - anthropomorphic robots & anim...
Google Press Center: Zeitgeist
IntegraOnline - Home
The Pi-Search Page - 3.1459...
Portland Cable Access TV Home Page
Hobie Fleet 535
Direct Loans Servicing Online (student loans)
Unofficial Madlibs - madlibs.org
USGS topo data for USA 1:1,000,000 Index Map
MenuetOS.org - fast OS that fits on a floppy disk
MIT distribution site for PGP
Summit Hut - Fusion 45 - Men's from Asolo Boots
Public CU-SeeMe Reflectors
Hackbusters - Homepage
Wikipedia: HomePage
Warehouse 23 Basement
Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2001 Aurora Gallery
TerraServer Image - Bomber Graveyard
From WBEZ in Chicago | This American Life
Chemistry Comes Alive! Sample Movies
Aquadelia 001 Marcel Duchamp
Multimedia, TOUT-FAIT: The Marcel Duchamp Stu...
S&P - Map of the Market
Quarks to Quasars, Powers of Ten
Expired Domains
mpc | Keyboard
Linux on Laptops
USGS Oregon Latitude Longitude Locator
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: The Home Page
Harmony Central User Forums - powered by Infopop
Hand-drawn Holograms