Panoramic Cache Camera
Das Butte geoache -- Powel Butte, Oregon
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This is the collective work of many visitors to the DAs Butte geocache. The cache camera instructions told people to go to the top of the butte and take one picture in a particular direction. I stitched the resulting shots, using Photoshop, into one continuous image. Then the PT Viewer applet displays the image as the seamless 360° interactive panorama. I thought about blurring the edges of the photos to make it seem more seamless, but since this is a collective project, I wanted to show the individuality.

The above image loads up facing north (that's me peering into the sun), and covers the entire 360° view. The shots were taken over a period of several months (from Sept. 2001 through Jan. 2002), during various times of day, and in various weather conditions. The camera was a Fuji disposable.

I owe much thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who included people in the shot. And great job following my disjointed instructions! :-)

Stuff to look for: Notice the trees with/without leaves, and how the grass changed color. The overall hue of the shots changes based upon the time-of-day. The amount of haze changes as well. How many mountain peaks do you recognize (I see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens)? Whose shoulder is that? If you'd like, let me know the names of the people in the shot or behind the camera and I'll post 'em here.

Thanks again!

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